Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a group of Year 10 students and staff from Toongabbie Christian School. This was a great time for everyone involved. Most of our Year 10 students were involved in a BBQ for our visitors on the Thursday night. It was so good to see our students going out of their way to make their new friends feel welcome.

Friday saw many of our visitors working in our primary classrooms, assisting teachers with a variety of tasks. The other students were involved in some landscaping/gardening work around the front of the school.

That night the students were supposed to attend Unleashed Youth at Generocity Church. However, due to the fire at Auslec, Generocity was without power until it was too late to run Youth Group. So it became a pizza and DVD night. I had the privilege of spending some time with them at school that night and listening to their comments and answering their questions about our school. One of the things that surprised them was the lack of fences around our school.

On Saturday morning they spent a number of hours working on a Landcare project on Bushman’s Hill, then lunch at Kelly Reserve and the afternoon at The Dish. That night, the group was hosted by the Joubert family for a bonfire. This was another wonderful opportunity for our students and teachers to talk and laugh with those from Toongabbie.

Upon leaving the students and teachers from Toongabbie were full of praise and admiration for our school and students. (Some of their teachers were even asking about vacancies at our school next year!)

God Bless