With the end of Term 3 upon us it is time to prepare for Term 4 with some timely updates.

School Uniforms
Term 4 sees our students return to summer uniforms. Our uniform is one of the things that the com-munity notices about our school. Not just the colour, but also the manner in which it is worn. A reminder to all parents: please read the school’s uniform policy to ensure that they are purchasing the correct items of clothing. The school has worked with Byrne Clothing so that parents can feel confident of obtain-ing the right style of shirts, blouses, etc. For Year 11 & 12 the Term 4 uniform is long trousers for the boys (not shorts) and ties and blazers for both girls and boys.

Our First Year 12
Term 4 will see the school’s first cohort of Year 12 students commence their study for the NSW Higher School Certificate. This is an incredible milestone for our school, our students and our par-ents. Having worked in many high schools across NSW it always startles me that no matter what school it is, Year 11 students tend to go through a very similar set of emotions. Feelings of being overwhelmed, asking questions about is it all worth it, and how am I going to cope with Year 12, are all very very common. But the surprising thing is that these feelings often disappear with the com-mencement of Year 12. With the support and care given to our Year 11 students this year, I hope they are ready to face Year 12 with enthusiasm.

First Day Term 4
The first day for Term 4 is Tuesday 7th October. Monday of that week is the Labour Day public holiday.

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2015
If you have a child that will be starting Kindergarten in 2015 or you know of any other parents with children starting Kindergarten next year, please have them contact the school office early next term. We will be running our fabulous Pre-Kinder Program from Thursday 30th October. This is a great program to help our new Kindergarten students make a happy transition to “big school”.

Communications Policy
Just a reminder that our communication policy states that the first point of contact for parents for any questions must be the class teacher. This is often the quickest and easiest way to sort out any issues. If it is something that may take some time, please make an appointment through the School Office.

New School Website
Please check out our new website: www.parkescs.nsw.edu.au and let me know your thoughts. There are already plans in place in place to add to the website so that it will contain, for example, copies of all assessment tasks for high school students.

I pray for a safe and happy holiday for all of our students and families.

God Bless.