Welcome back to what we expect to be a fabulous and exciting Term 4. This year has seen many positive and exciting changes in our school. One of the most positive steps forward our school has taken is the commencement of Year 12 starting this term. In a school, every student is at a different stage in their life. We are blessed as educators to spend so much time with them during their early life and notice all the different little changes within each child as they grow, blossom, mature and develop into thriving young adults. The school community would like to personally wish every year 12 student all the best for the next twelve months as they prepare for their HSC, and have them know, that as a wider school community; we believe in every child and have confidence in them to have the ability to move mountains.

As a Christian school in a country town, I believe it is important that our community presence be felt. It warms my heart to hear people in the community discussing and speaking so positively about our school.

Coming up on the first weekend of November is the Relay for Life. Our school will be getting behind this great event. Cancer is one of those little things in life that unfortunately we cannot predict nor control, but we do have control over doing something about supporting those who are living with or have lost a loved one to cancer. I am asking all our school families to get be- hind this, and support it in whatever way you can and let us show the community we are here and we care! The actual Relay for Life will start on Saturday 1st November but we will be doing some fund raising events at school in the week prior to the Relay. Watch this space for more exciting information to come.

Thank you Western Roadliners!
Western Roadliners has been working with our school to ensure the safety of our students while travelling to and from school. Due to the growth in our student numbers Western Roadliners are now providing two buses each morning and afternoon between our school and each of the inter- change bus stops. For the time being this means that all students should be seated – no student will be required to stand. They will continue to monitor the situation and will again approach the school if there is a need for further changes to our buses.

Parenting Workshop – Surviving Adolescents
20th October & 27th October – 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
The teenage years can be a total contradiction. One moment their parents are congratulating them on the maturity of their behaviour and decisions. The next parents are pulling their own hair out because of the immaturity of their teenager’s behaviour. And if you have more than one teenager in the household . . .!

These workshops will be conducted by a psychologist from Community Health and are aimed at all of our parents but in particular for parents from Year 5 to Year 12. If you would like to be a part of these workshops please contact the school office to register your interest.

God Bless