As part of our K-6 PDHPE Syllabus we are required to participate in Swimming Lessons at least once a year as part of the following outcomes: Games and Sports, Safe Living and Personal Health Choices. Swimming and pool safety is an important skill to master during the younger years especially with the increase in pool accidents involving children.

Dates: Monday 3 November until Friday 14 November (Week 5 and Week 6) – 9 days
We will not be attending Tuesday 11th November.

Travel: By bus from the School and returning to the School for normal afternoon pickup routine.

K-2 12.30pm pick up from school and returned at 1.45pm
3-6 1:15 pick up from school and returned at 3pm

Please note that on the 7th, 12th and 14th of November these times will be moved forward by 30 mins.

Equipment Needed: Swimmers – One piece swimmers only for girls and Board Shorts for boys, Rash Shirts/T-Shirts MUST be worn by ALL students, Towel, Sunscreen, Goggles and Swim Cap if required. Please provide a plastic bag to put wet items of clothing in at the end of the day. Please ensure all items are labelled clearly with your child’s name. Students are to get changed before they leave for the pool and to change back into school uniform before getting on the bus to return to school.

$10 – For those without a season ticket to the Pool
$5 – For those with a season ticket to the Pool

Students will be eating lunch prior to leaving the school so NO food needs to be taken to the pool.