by Thomas Unger

It was Sunday morning and my excitement had been growing rapidly for the last week. Today was the day I could pack my bag! I kept on asking Mum all morning “Mum, can I get my bag ready now?”. Apparently she was still washing stuff. Finally she said OK and we packed my bag.

I don’t think I slept much that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about the camp and what we were going to do. I even drifted off to sleep dreaming about it! After what felt like years, we were finally all ready for Mum to drive us to school. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been this excited about a Monday morning! We all jumped on the bus to go. I sat next to Isaac and we talked nonstop all the way.

I found out how heavy my bag was when I got off the bus and realised our cabin was the furtherest away, made worse by my bag not having wheels. So I mostly dragged my bag to the ‘Curra Gurra’ Lodge.

I found every day to be heaps of fun, exciting and tiring, but my favourite day would have to be Tuesday, even though it didn’t start off very good for me. This is because we started with the rock climbing wall. I really like doing this, but I’m terrified of heights, always have been. On my first go I didn’t even get halfway up the 10 metre wall. The next time I tried I felt very determined to make it to the top. I climbed the best I could, but I only got halfway. I felt really silly and frustrated with myself. Most people made it to the top. This fear of heights is something I’m trying hard to overcome.

After lunch came the one activity I have been waiting my whole life for- Archery! I can’t tell you how much I was anticipating doing this. My very first go landed in the yellow zone, and one missed completely. Then we played a game of whoever hits a certain colour gets a super power. My super power was time travel, and I thought this was definitely the best power. The next competition was superhero transport, and I got an army tank, another excellent choice! The last game was a pizza game, where each colour was a different ingredient. Our team lost, but it didn’t matter, we all had the best time, and I can’t wait to do archery again.

Our next activity was bushcraft. We made boomerangs. I painted mine black with blue, orange and green dots.
Daniel threw his a bit too early and got paint all over himself, oops! When I brought my boomerang home, I decid- ed I could do some work on it to improve it. Out came the sander and the paint. Let’s just say that it is still a work in progress.

I was happy and relieved to sink into my sleeping bag that night. I was very tired. I laid there with a smile on my face thinking about all the amazing things we had all done together. Even if I wasn’t able to climb to the top of the rock wall, I knew I had tried my hardest. I wondered what awesome stuff we might be able to get up to tomorrow. I’m so glad the camp was even more exciting and fun than I had even imagined.