The first week back for our school has been an exciting one. With so many new staff members and students, it has been very satisfying to sit back and watch the way in which years of hard work for many people is now falling into place. We have 8 new staff members and around 18 new students. It has truly been a blessed start to the school year.

Our first event of the year will be our Information Night and BBQ. Nights like this are very important in helping to establish open channels of communication between teachers and families. Please take the opportunity to come along and be part of this.

With our school continuing to grow so nicely, communication needs to be open and efficient. It is important that parents are able to direct their messages to the right person from the beginning. The first point of contact for parents should always be the class teacher. This will usually result in the issue being addressed in the shortest amount of time.

If parents of primary students need further information they should see Mr Glen Westcott – our Primary Co-ordinator. If parents of high school students need further information then they should approach their child’s Year Advisor. The final point of contact will always remain with the Principal. As stated before this will enable parent communications to be handled more efficiently.

I am looking forward to a great year, a rewarding year and a blessed year.

God Bless