As I said in our last newsletter, we have had a great start to our school year, and for that I am very grateful. One of the many blessings we have received this year is the fact that we have commenced our building program.

This building project will consist of a new Science Laboratory and associated storage and preparation area, three general learning areas and a Sport and PE storage area that will open up directly onto the school oval.

This development is a result of the wonderful level of growth our school has experienced over the last few years. For example, some of our high school rooms have an occupancy rate of over 95%. This means that the rooms are empty for less than 4 periods per fort- night.

Once this building is finished it will enable all primary classes to be in the one area and will relieve some of the pressure on some of the high school classrooms. However, there is a cost involved in any construction project. We have been very blessed in being able to secure a financial grant from the Federal Government to assist with the funding of this building. In this case our school will be responsible for over 40% of the total cost. It is this 40% that enables the “fit out” of the building, eg desks, chairs, interactive white- boards and landscaping.

One way that we can fund this amount is through our school’s Building Fund. This is a Deductible Gift Recipient fund that is established by the school with strict rules about its use. The first thing to know is that all donations to this fund are tax deductible. Secondly, the money in this fund can only be used for the purchase and maintenance of capital items. Also, these funds cannot be used for the daily running of the school. As I said pre- viously, there are quite strict controls on the use of this money.

The importance of donations to our Building Fund cannot be over emphasised. This fund helps parents and supporters of the school, link with the past, the present and the future. The association of our parents and friends with our school has no boundaries as far as time is concerned. Those families that made donations to build the original build- ings are still an important part of the story of our school, along with all those that will contribute in the future. Remember we are building a school for the future as well as the present.

If you believe that you can support our school by contributing to our Building Fund please contact our office for details on how to donate.

God Bless