The Year 8 students went on an excursion to the Parkes Dish on Thursday 12 February. We travelled by bus, with Mr Butler, Mrs Butler and Mrs Hope. We had an excellent speaker who told us many interesting things about the work at the Parkes Telescope.

We discovered that it was because of the work done at the Dish that the world now has wifi and we discussed the role Parkes played in the first moon
landing. But most importantly we caught a glimpse of just how big and amazing our universe is. We found out about our planets in our solar system and lots of information about galaxies beyond. We finished our visit by participating in an information scavenger hunt.

Overall it was a very enjoyable and informative visit. The teachers and people from the Dish were very impressed with the behaviour and enthusiasm of the students. Many thought provoking questions were asked and answered on the day. Who knows how many future scientists will come from our Year 8 contingent of students as a re- sult of this excursion!