Friday 20th February saw our annual swimming carnival take place with an array of colourful red, blue and
purple support from each of our team houses, from cookie monster outfits to purple and blue tulle.

Everyone had a great time dressing up and participating on the day.

An exceptional number of students participated in this year’s carnival, which has seen 29 students heading away for zone on the 27th February in

It was fantastic to see the number of students cheering and encouraging each other throughout the day, and students having a go at a variety of events.

We would like to thank all students who participated, who encouraged each other on the day, the parents who helped out and also all of the staff for your hard work and helping out throughout the day. You are to be commended PCS on a fantastic day, a great spirit was maintained, which the pool staff commended you all on how fantastic you were!

So well done, congratulations again to all our students, and we wish all our zone competitors all the best!