While our school prepares to wind down after the end of an amazing term, it is important that we remember that as a community we are heading into one of the most important seasons in the Christian calendar.

It is Easter that sets the Christian faith apart from all others. The death AND resurrection of Jesus Christ is unique. While other faiths and religions may have some similarities to Christianity – a popular teacher, a great preacher – none of them talk about the death and resurrection of the Saviour. It has always struck me as interesting that at Christmas time we talk about “peace on Earth”, yet it is actually at Easter that we gain access to peace that is beyond understanding, and forgiveness that is complete and a hope for the future and an entry into the very presence of God.

Prior to the resurrection of Jesus, the people were bound to a system of sacrifice that was never really complete. It required sacrifices to be offered every year. They acted as an annual reminder of man’s sinfulness. So no sacrifice was ever enough. Until Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. His death and resurrection was enough. It was complete. It was once, for all.

My prayer is that all of our families truly grasp the full meaning of Easter, that between the chocolate and the eggs and the family time, everyone takes time to reflect upon Easter and its meaning to all of us.

God Bless