William Shakespeare once wrote:

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

(Romeo and Juliet – Act 2: Scene 2)

In the play Juliet is saying that Romeo’s name does not define who he is. The essence of who he is, is not linked to his name. If he changed his name, it would not change his character or personality. At a recent church meeting, the church that founded our school, voted unanimously to change the name from Parkes Community Baptist Church to Parkes Community Church.

Parkes Community Baptist Church has been an incredible supporter of our school. It has provided funding for students where families have struggled to pay their fees. They have been wonderful prayer warriors for our school and myself. Although we have changed our name, we will still retain the same character and continue to support church and school families financially and most importantly through prayer. As our name suggests, we are a COMMUNITY. A community that holds relationships are the most important part of a congregation. Our church is one where people who have been hurt by life can come and be renewed and refreshed, and if they want; move on. Hopefully here, many people will find a place that is accepting of everyone, (baggage and all).

A change in name does not change the character or essence of who we are.

God Bless