This term promises to be significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, we welcome Mr Clarence Goh to our staff. Mr Goh will be taking Year 7 and 8 Maths and Science classes as well as Year 11 Mathematics – General. He comes to us from Melton Christian College in Victoria. Clarence has also tutored at university.

We also welcome Mr George Ward, who will take on the role of maintenance.

Secondly, this term will see the completion of our next building program. It will comprise a new Science laboratory and preparation area, three general classrooms and a new Sports storeroom. Hopefully, this will be ready by about the middle of this term.

Finally, and probably most significantly, this term is the last term of school for our wonderful Year 12 students before they commence their HSC exams in October.

The renovations to the office area are complete, except for a small amount of painting still to be completed. We believe that the new arrangement will provide the much needed resources for staff and parents.

If there are any parents wanting to have interviews with teachers after receiving their child’s report, please contact the School Office to make arrangements.

Have a wonderful Term 3 everyone!

God Bless