This week has seen some exciting times had by all as we have been farewelling our wonderful first cohort of Year 12 students. These young adults have been enjoying some carefree activities shared with the staff.

Monday saw them on a round the town “Amazing Race’ which saw them complete random acts of kindness with the community and ending with a bbq and sleepover here at school. Miss Oates, Miss Harris and Mr Kim were the adult chaperons for the evening. The morning started with breakfast for all down town, before beginning the day of service to helping out in the classrooms of the younger students. The students all choose to dress up as their favourite teacher.

While it has been a week of craziness, we are all realising this is the end of their time at Parkes Christian School as they head of to bigger and greater things. They have provided much entertainment, fun, laughter and a few tears along the way and our prayer for them is that each and everyone of them reaches their full potential that God has planned for them.

Year 12, never stop being yourselves, you are all incredible individuals and we wish you all the best!!

God Bless