A big thank you to our students, teachers and parents that took part in the Dawn Service and ANZAC Day March! We had over 50 students march along with other schools, clubs and organisations as well as our incredible war veterans and service personnel.

An extra special thank you to the three delightful Year 12 students Bethany, Claudia and Lachlan who have attended every ANZAC Day March for the past 13 years – every year since being in Kindergarten at PCS.

The school will hold our ANZAC Day Service on Wednesday morning, starting at 9:00 am. All parents and friends are welcome to join us.

This term will see a number of changes. Firstly, Mr Glenn Pepper has resigned to go back to day-to-day casual work. We have been fortunate in securing the services of Miss Robyn Green for the first half of the term before she heads off on her mission work in Ethiopia.

The second change will have a much longer term impact. The school will be implementing a new Student Management System and Learning Management System called EDUMATE. This system will bring together a number of separate activities into one. At first, the administration arrangements will be the first to be implemented. To ensure the integrity of our data we are asking all families to complete new information sheets. It is extremely important that these sheets are completed and returned to the school as soon as possible. Any system is only as good as the data.

We have decided on a staged process of carrying out the change-over. Verifying our data is the first stage. This will be followed by the School Calendar and events management.

By the time the change-over is complete, Teachers will be able to post all of their lessons online that would allow students and parents to see the work scheduled for each lesson. It will also mean that parents will be able to see all results of all assessment tasks. It will also mean that the end of semester reports will be delivered online. It will also allow for much greater communication between teachers and parents.

Some of the reasons for this change in systems is to prepare the school for future growth in student numbers, and as a part of our school’s pursuit of excellence. This system will enable our teachers, parents and students to genuinely combine to provide the best education possible.

God Bless,