What a great day we had last Friday when Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 went to the zoo as part of our Term 2 Units in Science and Man in God’s World. The bus trip was part of the excitement and we made it all the way to Peak Hill before someone asked “are we there yet?” Rain was forecast for the day however God delivered the most perfect day for exploring the zoo.

First stop was the rhinos and one of the crowd favourites, the Meercats. These cute inquisitive little critters entertained the kids with their interesting mannerisms. We were truly blessed that all the animals were up and awake and close to the edge of the enclosures. Giraffes, Hippo’s, Cheetahs and Tigers were all on show and you couldn’t help but marvel at the creativity of the Creator with such beauty and diversity in the animal kingdom. Another highlight was the Otters and we arrived just in time for the trainer talk and feed which saw lots of jumping and squealing and excitement as they swam and climbed and jumped right in front of us.

We had a beautiful picnic on the lawn before going to see the pride of lions looking magnificent and stately. Great roars of laughter and screams were again heard when we reached the Siamang monkeys and enjoyed the show they put on for us. We saw many other animals both Australian and exotic as we enjoyed a beautiful day together at the zoo.

The final stop was a play in the playground before boarding the bus on our way home.

God again blessed us with the weather as within minutes of the children getting picked up at school the rain teemed down with that wonderful and much needed rain we all enjoyed on Friday and Saturday.

Thank you to the parents who came and helped on the day, Debbie Lasserre, Judy Kelly, Christine Drew and Trudy Lamont. Thank you also to Mrs Richards, Mrs Naqau, Mrs King for their part in making the day joyful and successful.

Mr Drew.

Excursion to Western Plains Zoo Dubbo