For the second year in a row Parkes Christian School joined with many other community businesses, churches and groups including the Central West Autism and Special Needs Awareness Group to raise money for Cancer Council. Cancer Council, through the funds raised at Relay For Life, have saved more than 61,000 Australian lives over the last 20 years. Improvements in cancer prevention and screening mean that less people will hear the words, “you have cancer”. Advances to cancer treatments allow cancer patients to spend more time with their loved ones. The funds raised are used in our local area to help people and families going through tough times.

Miss Oates, Miss Peterson and Mr Pearce along with some very helpful Year 12 students put on a sausage sizzle on Friday and our school students dressed as superheroes to raise money. A special thank you to Mrs King who stepped in to help where she saw a need! We managed to raise just over $500 on the day. Our favourite dress ups included Mila Ballantyne as Wonder Woman, Jacob Flannery as a Police Officer and Mr Westcott as our local superhero Travis Boland! Thanks to all those that got involved!

We had a massive team this year including Miss Harris, Miss Peterson, Miss Oates, Miss Barrass, Miss Dearden, Mr Hope, Mrs Hope, Miss Wright, Mr Westcott, Mr McCutcheon, Kylie & Simon Ellis, Talesha Ellis, Jessica Weber, Peter Weber, Michelle Mulligan, Leilani Lavaka, Toutai Lavaka, Deirdre Bennett, Callum Byrne, Joel Hall-Matthews, Laura Hall-Matthews, Bethany Moss, Isaac Westcott, Matt Prow, Skye Harry, Mitchell Moss, Nicholas Strudwick, Luke Magill, Jesse Magill, Taylah Byrne, Erin McCracken, Jacob Mitchell, Isaac Mitchell, Peter & Pam Harris and our School Captains Rachel Thorncroft & James Simpson.

Unfortunately, the event only ran from 3.30pm until 7.30pm and concluded at the end of the Hope Ceremony due to poor weather. It was a tough decision made by the committee in order to ensure the safety of participants and there was talk of redoing the event early next year when the weather cools down. Our team represented our school and stepped in to help out for the whole afternoon and should be very proud of their commitment and efforts for the cause! Our final team fundraising including the $500 from school, $280 from Erin, $120 from Rachel, $167 from Nick, $300 from Leilani & Bethany and $1000 from the Ellis family helped our team to reach a total of $3300 raised for Cancer Council.

Relay for Life