Last year at Christmas we asked people to donate women’s underwear and sanitary products to the female inmates in Suva Prison in Fiji. Thank you again to all who gave and allowed us to send a very generous delivery to Fiji. We also send Prison Bibles which Mrs Naqua’s brother Tui is handing out and counselling as a Prison Pastor and Chaplain.

This year we have been asked if we would consider donating men’s underwear as this is something the prisoners do not have or get and many have been disowned by their families and so have no one to supply even their most basic needs.

Wonderful things are happening in the prisons with conversions and many lives changed from the inmates to the wardens and people outside of prison as a result of the combination of the Bibles, the donations and Tui’s faithful ministry. Matthew 25:36-40 tells us to remember the poor and those in prison so if you can help, we (and they) would appreciate your support. How good it is for them to know that someone they have never met cares for them. What a testimony of Christian love and giving. So as mentioned above, this year please send clean Men’s underwear into the school office where we will have a collection box.

Thank you, from the God driven Fiji Mission team and Suva Prisons.