It has been another busy year for the P & F. I would firstly like to thank all those people who have contributed to the success of our many fundraising ventures this year. If you have helped the P & F in any way at all, THANK YOU!

In March we kicked off the year with the 5c challenge, which brought in much-needed funds for new playground equipment for the primary school children. During the year we held our regular fundraising events, including canteen days, athletics carnival canteen, the annual pie drive and a trivia night. On two occasions we set up canteens for the interschool sports days, where high school students from other Christian Schools joined our PCS students. A new initiative of the P and F this year was the Bush Dance, this was intended to be a community event and was a great success, with many non-school families coming to enjoy the music, the dancing and the general atmosphere. Thank you to all those who helped at any of these events and thank you to everyone who purchased something to support the P & F. These fundraising ventures raised approximately $5000 dollars for the school.

Purchases made with P & F funds for 2017, included a multi-lane timer for sports carnivals which we are looking forward to seeing up and running for the 2018 carnivals. A lounge was purchased for the library, which serves many functions and is being enjoyed by students right across the school. The P & F purchased swim caps featuring the school logo, these caps are for our swimmers to wear when representing our school at away events. Equipment including chalkboards was purchased for the primary school and money also went towards the completion of the laying of the name pavers under the flagpole. It is worth a look the next time you get a chance. A donation was made to Natalie Sharpe, a cross-country runner who went as part of an Australian Christian schools contingent to the USA. Monies also went to the purchase and freight of bibles to Fiji.

What’s happening in 2018: It has been a wonderful experience watching the SRC this year as this group of young men and women, our future leaders, worked together to raise funds for the school and promote the wellbeing of PCS students. SRC representatives who attended a recent P & F meeting, kindly offered to take on the school’s hot food days in 2018 – this will free up the P & F to support the school in a number of other ways while allowing the SRC a continuous fundraising stream.

We hope to again run our usual fundraisers in 2018, these will include the pie drive, the trivia night, athletics carnival canteen and the newly introduced 5c challenge and bush dance. The P & F hopes to produce a cookbook, featuring recipes from students and families and a number of photos. 2018 will also see the P & F run its biennial Spring Fair.

We need help. The P & F desperately needs your help in order to run fundraisers and other events in 2018. Please consider supporting us with your time and energy. Without the help of the school community, the P & F may not be able to do the work they are currently able to achieve. To find out how you can help please keep an eye on the newsletter and facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2018,

Jacquelyn Greenland
PCS P & F President