All High School staff will be present at the Family Welcome BBQ. While there are no official times for parents to meet up with staff, they will be available for a chat at any point throughout the evening. Once the Primary Information sessions begin, the High School staff will be available for around 30 minutes for a casual chat.

Unlocking 7-10 Assessment

Year 7-10 parents will have the opportunity to learn all about the new assessment and reporting procedures that apply to their students this year. Our assessment policy has changed in order to prepare students for theStronger HSC” that begins for Year 11 students this year.

Our new assessment and reporting procedures also allow students and teachers to gain a more accurate idea of what level each student is working at and the specific areas of improvement for each individual student.

Attending this session will allow parents to have a much clearer picture of:

1. Why we do assessments
2. How assessments are used to improve student performance
3. What assessment results mean
4. How assessments and reporting are linked

Our Unlocking 7-10 Assessment evening will be held at the school from 7 pm on Tuesday, 20 February. Please inform the office if you are intending to come along.