Year 3 has made a great start to the year! We have come in ready to learn. Our first major task was designing our class motto. The students showed an amazing understanding of God and his place in our lives. After many great suggestions and deliberation our class motto is: We Will Follow in God’s footsteps with Courage.

Our motto helps us to remember how Jesus wants us to live, with love for ourselves, each other, our world and God. With Him, we will have the courage to learn and grow.

In Science we are learning about the amazing world of plants as we discover their life cycle from seed to mature plant and their unique ability to adapt to their surroundings. We are currently growing our own plants from seeds. Watch this space 🙂

Our class has particularly enjoyed opportunities to socialise through games and sport as well as music and arts with Mrs Muller.

We are looking forward to sharing our creative writing in the coming weeks as we learn to use descriptive detail as we write.

It’s going to be a great year and we can’t wait to share it as we go.

Mrs Nunn