On Thursday I (the newsletter lady) was able to experience some time with Year 4 and their teacher Mrs Naqau. When asked how Year 4 were going in their new year at school, Mrs Naqau beamed with pride and stated how well they were settling into school this year.

“Our class motto for 2019 is ‘We are the chosen generation’ taken from 1 Peter 2:9” Mrs Naqau explained. “As a class we are encouraged by our motto believing that we as children are the chosen generation; His (God’s) own special people.”

These first few weeks have seen Year 4 doing a lot of writing and reading in English and Math and this will continue to happen throughout the year.

In Geography, Year 4 have been excited to be learning about Australia and its’ states, territories and the capital cities of each state and territories. “I have been extremely excited and encouraged to see each of my students attempting to draw the map of Australia free hand!” Mrs Naqau said.