Months of preparation has all been worth it for the students of Parkes Christian School after a winning weekend at the Moomba Birdman Rally in Melbourne.

This year saw another spectacular flight and a win in the newly formed schools category with a flight distance of 10 metres. The school has competed in the Moomba Birdman Rally for the last three years and won the competition in 2017.

On the day they had to work together as a team to reconstruct their design and assess weather conditions for a successful jump. This year the pilot for “Double Trouble” was Year 12 student Jesse Magill whose love of flying made him passionate to see success.

“While standing on the platform I had to rely on the whole team to ensure I was safely secured and we were ready,” Jesse said. “As I was strapped in the wind picked up but I knew that we had to go in that moment. I relaxed and remembered our plan. It all went so quick, the next thing I knew I was sitting in the boat heading for shore.”

Jesse’s last words before the leap – “See you on the other side!”