March 14 (or 3.14 in the American format) of each year is “Pi Day”, celebrating the odd mathematical quirk that is pi – 3.14. Parkes Christian School takes part in Pi Day celebrations each year, and this year saw a record number of students taking part in the activities.

There were a range of impressive pies baked by students and staff with each house represented by primary, high school and staff. There were prizes given for the best tasting pie along with the best decorated.

Mr Westcott controversially won the pie eating competition over Mr Brown, while Angelique Bland was able to recite pi to an amazing 134 decimal places, just edging out Talesha Ellis and Mrs Nunn, who was the best teacher on the day.

Pie Eating Competition Winners: Student: Bart Ramsay and Teacher: Mr Brown

Pi Recitation Winners: Primary: Angelique Bland, Secondary: Talesha Ellis and Teacher: Mrs Nunn

Pie Baking Competition Winners:

Mathematical: Year 3 and Isobelle Moss Savoury Pie: Chloe Hill (Taste) and Jessica Weber (Appearance)

Sweet Pie: Mrs Nagau (Taste) and the Amery Family (Appearance)

Highly Commended: Miss Harris (for the home made ice cream)

Well done everyone on participating in Pi Day!