Learning with Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a buzz each week with learning new things. Here are three great things kindergarten has learnt recently.

In Science last week, Kindergarten investigated how non living things are used by people for food, shelter or items. Kindergarten explored how salt is made to season our food, how sand can be turned into windows and how gemstones can be made into jewellery. Kindergarten then created our own necklaces.

Kindergarten have been writing responses to texts read in class. Students are focusing on remembering to use capital letters, full stops finger spaces and rereading their work to ensure it makes sense.

In Geography, Kindergarten have been exploring features of places and how people can care for these places. After reading the story Lester and Clyde by James H Reece, students showed the difference between a clean cared for environment and a polluted environment.

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