Moving has its highs and lows!

Just recently my husband and I moved house. The excitement of the new home and the opportunities that it would bring was the same as how thankful we were for our previous home. We also had the stress of packing up our things and concerns for changes to the daily routine.

The last few weeks of Term 4 for Primary students also present these same experiences. Thankfulness for the year that was, the stress of finding then packing up their class belongings and concerns for the changes to their daily routine.

Kindergarten students are excited about not being the youngest in the school. Year 1 students look forward to being the older class of the Infants. Year 2 students are anticipating the new adventures of being in the upper Primary. Year 3 students look forward to showing the 2021 Year 3 class the ropes. Year 4 students are eager to be in the Stage 3 area. Year 5 students aspire to the leadership class of the Primary school. Year 6 can’t wait to be in High School.

With all the happy excitement also comes concerns for the changes. It is this the teachers focus on, to ease the students minds while the excitement remains.

At PCS the Primary staff are familiar with all the Primary students. They interact with them during carnivals, playground duties and daily assemblies. Primary staff aim to be familiar with all students to reduce the surprise of ‘what is the teacher like’ to the students.

This week, Year 6 has switched their class routine to model that of the High School. Year 6 students have been given a timetable with classes, location and teachers name as well as being required to bring the appropriate books for that day’s lessons. This switch aims to assist the Year 6 students to develop the skills to organise, follow a timetable, be responsible for their belongings and conduct while having the familiarity of the Primary setting.

Moving does have its highs and lows, but with the support of those around you, like the PCS staff for the Primary students, the excitement will hopefully outway the concerns.

Mrs Harris