Time to Celebrate – For Everyone!

On the weekend, my eldest daughter Mila competed in her first ever Parkes Sharks swimming carnival. She’s only been training for a few weeks and she literally got thrown in the deep end and had to compete!

There were plenty of nerves, especially from me, as I had visions of her not being able to finish and walking the rest of the way while everyone laughed – but she did an amazing job! She smashed her PB and I was just so proud of her.

I have been so impressed with the Parkes Sharks as an organisation, and especially Mila’s coach Barbara Weaver, because their constant focus is about swimming against yourself. By this I mean that they really put the emphasis on each swimmer just trying to improve on their times every time they swim. Whether¬†they finish first or last doesn’t matter, just as long as they try their best and keep improving.

This is exactly in keeping with our assessment philosophies at PCS. We work with every student to try to make sure they improve and recognise their achievements when they do.

We also recognise that every single one of our students have talents and abilities in such a wide range of areas, and do our best to celebrate with them.
Next week we are finishing off the year with our Presentation Evening and many students will be rewarded in the traditional areas of school achievement. I know there will be plenty of kids who will leave feeling disappointed that they don’t receive an award, but they shouldn’t feel that they have nothing to celebrate.
Every student has achieved something this year – from classwork, to improvement, to sport and performing, or even just being kind, helpful and considerate – we want all our students to know that they are valued and respected at PCS.

What a weird year it’s been – thank you to all of you for your support and understanding throughout this year, and I’m really looking forward to 2021.
Have a wonderful holiday, a peaceful Christmas, and see you all on the flippity flip!

Greg Ballantyne