Merry Christmas and Thank You

And just like that, the 2020 school year comes to an end. It has been a year like no other, and certainly one that we won’t forget. I will resist the urge to use this last newsletter article to talk about COVID, bushfires, drought and all the other defining moments of 2020. Instead I will just say, Merry Christmas, and Thank You.

To you our parent community, thank you for trusting us in 2020, including our unprecedented time of At-Home Learning. Thank you for choosing to partner with us in education to help your children become young men and women who are confident, equipped, passionate and happy; ready to go out and make a positive impact on this world. Thank you for allowing us to speak life into your children each and every day, to share the gospel message and to instil in all our students a biblical worldview that says each person is valuable, unique and dearly loved by God, so much that Jesus would come and die for us. The stronger our partnership, the greater chance we have at seeing your children experiencing success across all areas. Like you, we don’t just want to see our students existing and going through the motions of life, but rather, we would see godly young men and women who are excited about life, secure in who they are, and using the God given gifts and talents that each one has been given to thrive in life and impact many for the positive.

And finally I’d like to say Merry Christmas. Jesus is the reason we are here. He is the reason PCS exists and the reason that I love being part of such an incredible community. I pray for all of us, that in the midst of everything else, there will be a moment where each of us will stop, and know that Jesus came as a gift for you. You were worth it. You are no accident. You are loved.

2020 has been the year of opportunity through adversity. There have been so many great things happen amongst all the challenges and I want to take this moment to acknowledge all the PCS staff who have worked so tirelessly this year for the benefit of your children. What an amazing team we have. I am so privileged to be the principal of this great school and can’t wait to work with all of our staff, parents and students again in 2021.

Merry Christmas PCS.