Unleashing Talents and Interests

We are all unique. We all have different abilities, interests, skills and hobbies. As we grow, we continuously hone our skills, develop our understanding and bring our gifts into the world. Something that I love about being a teacher is the many opportunities that I have to bring my skills and interests into the school and help to upskill a new generation. I get to apply my love of music and guitar when training Primary worship teams each year and see them learn to perform as a group and bless the school with their talents. I can bring in my enjoyment of design and 3D printing and combine this with the ideas and imagination that young people bring to see wonderful and crazy creations being developed.

Most of all, I love that I am not alone in this. We have so many talented teachers that are applying their skillset to bring out the best in our Primary and High School students. And what a talented bunch of young people. Over the past few weeks, I have had some great conversations with students in our school community and I continue to be amazed at how clever they are and how passionate they are to use their skills. I’ve spoken to kids obsessed with finding ways to apply their Mathematics skills into their home lives, a future engineer who brings measured blueprints ready to design something amazing, amazing artists who use perspective to play tricks on the eyes, aspiring video game designers with crazy coding skills, an awesome guitarist who may one day own more guitars than me, soccer players who dominate the field and aspiring authors who can weave imagery in their words. And this is just scratching the surface.

It is wonderful to see so many people chasing their interests. It is exciting to be part of a school where these interests are met head on and students are actively trained to pursue them. Most of all, it is a blessing to be in an environment where we know our students and encourage them to be the best they can be. This term, we are learning Psalm 139 and so many of the key points in this psalm remind us that we are known by God, we are always seen by God and we are loved by God. Our abilities, interests, skills and hobbies are given to us by God, known by Him and are a joy to Him.

This Psalm is so powerful and I recommend you read it if you’re not familiar with it. It is so comforting knowing that we are seen, known and loved by God and it is so encouraging seeing these verses modelled in our school community with staff that actively get to know our students and support them to be the best they can be. I also hope that you also feel encouraged in the knowledge that God sees you, knows you and loves you.

Have a great week.

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