Memories are Worth Sharing

This week I have been on a trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, I lost a long-time family friend this week and I have spent some time with my family reminiscing about the ‘good-old-days’. When I was at Mum and Dad’s earlier this week, I found myself sitting at the dinner table and flicking through photo albums of my childhood and sharing stories that often began with ‘do you remember when…’ or ‘remember the time we…’

It is a privilege to be able to share these stories with each other. I am very blessed to have had a wonderful upbringing with a family who loves me, a community who adores me and a set of role models that have helped shape who I am today. 

Jesus spent much of His time here on Earth sharing stories and helping shape people. Scattered throughout the Bible you will find examples of where Jesus sat and ate with His disciples, told stories that helped shape the people he spoke to and was a role model for all. You don’t have to search far into the New Testament to find these teachings and there are even some of the same stories that are told by different people. 

I encourage you this week to open your Bible and read about Jesus and His amazing teachings, share stories with each other about your experiences and spend time with your family reminiscing about things you may have forgotten over time. You never know… your stories may have a lasting impact on the people around you and help shape them. 

Have a blessed week PCS, 

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