School Calendar

Sydney Excursion (Yr 5/6)

Sydney NSW, Australia

Year 5 and 6 students will be attending a three-day excursion to Sydney from Monday 22 August til Wednesday 24 August. This excursion will involve visiting and attending tours within a variety of landmark locations within Sydney. This experience corresponds with the following learning that has occurred at school:It is expected that all students will attend this vital learning experience. It is not just the educational aspects of this excursion that are important, it is also the social and experiential aspects that make excursions like this so important.Itinerary and further details are attached to the note that was emailed out on…

Chapel Band Practice

Chapel Band is for High School students interested in being a part of the Chapel. Practice is on every Monday in the music room. Students will need to be able to sing or play an instrument to join.

Homework Hub – (Yrs 2-12)

Parkes Christian School, 243 Back Trundle Rd, Parkes NSW 2870, Australia

Homework Hub is held on Monday afternoons from 3:07pm to 4pm for students in Years 2 to Years 12. Please ensure prompt pick up at 4pm. If you have any question please contact;Infants/Primary: Mrs Harris via the school office or High School: Miss Oates via the school office (02) 6862 4164

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For all enquiries please call the school office on 02 6862 4164 or send us a message.