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Principal’s Spring Fair Edition

Well, what an incredible day we had on Saturday! The high winds and unsettled conditions didn’t detract from the great atmosphere that was so evident on the day. The stall holders, multitude of exhibits, live music, auction, world records and sensational food...

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PCS & The Parkes Show

Did you go to the Parkes Show last week? Perhaps you entered one of the many competitions, had a ride on the dodgem cars, watched the fireworks or even ate a dagwood dog! Did you come and visit the PCS show stand and say hello? At PCS we really enjoy Show week. As a...

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You are so close!

Have you ever had to wait for something? Maybe the wait was for a new toy, a car, the end of a Uni degree, someone to come home or just 30 seconds for your porridge to heat up in the microwave! Whatever it was, we all know what it’s like to have to wait. In education,...

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Let’s just throw some sticks!

Over the holidays, my family and I spent time house sitting for friends back in Sydney. Having lived there for 10 years it was nice to get back to the old stomping ground, catch up with friends and do the tourist thing with the boys. Katie and I took great pleasure in...

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Confidence is Key

Did you see our production of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe last week? What an enormous amount of work went into making it happen. A massive thank you and congratulations to Miss Katrina Harris who directed and produced the show. Miss Harris did an incredible...

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Crash and Burn

Like a lot of young boys growing up, I had a healthy fascination with all things rockets and explosions. This interest was much to the dismay of my parents, especially when unsanctioned experiments went wrong from time to time... I am fearful but also pleased that my...

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Fishing, Lego and Robots

I have no problem admitting that I am a fishing tragic. I was that kid religiously watching Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures at 5pm each Saturday, being inspired to get out and catch a big trout in the Snowies or a bream off a jetty somewhere. The problem for me as a kid...

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Fairy Lights, Tent Pegs and a Gazebo

Welcome back to another term at PCS! Did you manage to get away over the holidays and do anything interesting? For the past three years, my family has forfeited January getaways and made Easter the time of year for the annual pilgrimage to the beach. This year we took...

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What do you believe?

I have very distinct memories of Easter as a child. Church services, fish on Good Friday, school holidays and trying to ration easter eggs out to make them last longer than my sister and brothers’ eggs. Egg rationing was a big deal in my household and for some strange...

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