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Jesus and the Birdman Rally!

When my first boy was born and we experienced that surreal moment of leaving the hospital to take that steady drive home as a family, I was quick to note that a manual didn’t come with the baby. In fact, there was very little in the way of training and equipping for...

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A Most Effective Cricket Season!

After 5 Test matches, 42 Big Bash games and a handful of international One Day and T20 matches, the summer of cricket has nearly come to an end. I must admit that the full immersion approach to get my boys interested in cricket seems to have paid dividends. On the...

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A Measly Fish Burger

Welcome to another year at PCS! It is nice to finally have the students back so we can really get into all the great things planned for 2018. On the student’s first day back I spoke about the new and spectacular Perth (Optus) Stadium, which hosted Australia v England...

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Merry Christmas PCS!

Another year of learning has come to an end at Parkes Christian School! What a year this has been for our school community. Over the next week, we will take the opportunity to reflect on the year that has been, and celebrate the achievements of our students across a...

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Meet Our 2018 Vice Captains

I hope you enjoyed taking the opportunity to get to know our High School Captains Emma and Ethan. As a school community, we have been so impressed with the level of initiative and professionalism shown by all our SRC since their appointment late last term. Today I...

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The Beautiful World of ‘Le Tour’!

It was a beautiful Sydney Saturday morning in 2010 when I discovered what has now become one of my great loves in life, and I’m not talking about my wife Katie! I discovered a love for cycling and all that went with it. A mate invited me to go for a ride with a group...

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A few thoughts on Expectations

Having high expectations is a commonly used phrase, particularly in education, but have you ever stopped to think about why we should have high expectations? As teachers and parents, we place expectations on our children all the time. Whether those expectations are...

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Everything is in God’s hands

I find it very interesting to watch the way people react to change. Some can get worried over slight variations, while others embrace change as though they are bored with the status quo! As you know, this will be a year of change for our school. Lynne and I are...

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