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Year 12 Retreat Trip

In week two of this term, Year 12 headed to Sydney for a 3 day adventure before we kick off the HSC. On the first day, we arrived at our accommodation at the Wake Park in Penrith and dropped off our bags. We drove straight to Darling Harbour to do some shopping and...

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Red Shield Appeal

Once again students from Years 7-10 participated in the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. Students had a great time door knocking and were able to collect $293 for the Salvation Army. Thanks to the support of the community in the area we covered, and to Rosemary from...

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News from Year 7

At the end of last term, year 7 and 8 students completed an explorers diary. The results were great with many diaries being of outstanding creativity and quality. Students really got into the lives of their chosen Antarctic explorer and the exciting adventures they...

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Year 7 Science

In science we have been studying Antarctica. One of the features of Antarctica is the extreme winds. Speeds of up to 320km/h have been recorded making Antarctica inDouglas Mawson’s immortal words, ‘the home of the blizzard’. The students have been making anemometers...

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