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Parkes Christian School has excellent facilities with well-trained, enthusiastic teaching staff and an extensive curriculum. Parkes Christian School creates an exciting journey of learning throughout all aspects of School life from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

We warmly invite you to attend our Information Evenings (contact our office) and look forward to sharing the Parkes Christian School vision with you.

Please feel free to contact us any time for more information or to receive our Prospectus Pack.

Enrolment Application Form

Please download and complete the Enrolment form and return to the Parkes Christian School office along with any paper work that is requested in order to begin the enrolment process.

The Enrolment Process


Parkes Christian School was established and exists primarily to provide Christian Education for Christian families. The school’s primary objective is to provide places for children of Christian families in the following categories;

  1. Christian families with a strong Church affiliation and with a sibling currently or previously enrolled at Parkes Christian School.
  2. Christian families with a strong Church affiliation but without a sibling currently or previously enrolled at Parkes Christian School.
  3. Other families seeking a Christian education for their children.

As such all families MUST sign the school’s Statement of Faith as a part of the enrolment process.

Pre-Enrolment Phase

The school conducts information evenings for students and their families wishing to enter Kindergarten and Year 7. These evenings are primarily for providing information to prospective parents and students with regards to the expectations, available course options and general administrative functions of the school.

Enrolment Prospectus

The school will distribute an appropriate prospectus in response to all enrolment enquiries. This prospectus will give a general outline of the aims and objectives of the school and a clear statement of the values and Christian ethos presented at the school. The prospectus consists of;

  1. Prospectus pages
  2. Application for Enrolment Form
  3. Copy of the school’s Statement of Faith
  4. Outline of Fees and Charges
  5. Uniform Policy
  6. Relevant Subject Selection Forms for students enrolling in Years 9 through 12.

To enable enquiries for enrolment to proceed to an interview the school requires the following to be returned;

  1. A completed Application for Enrolment Form
  2. Payment of the Application Fee
  3. Copies of Birth Certificate/Passport
  4. Current School Reports and Academic Achievements
  5. Specialist Medical or Paramedical reports where necessary (Special Programs)


Once documentation has been completed and all application fees paid the students and parents are to attend an interview with a view to determining whether the enrolment application will be successful. This will normally be aimed at filling a vacancy but may also be for the purpose of placing a student onto a waiting list if all places are taken in the particular year group for which they are applying.

Offer of a Position

Upon successful completion of all phases of this process an offer of a position will be extended to the family, (the letter of offer is generally sent to the family at the conclusion of a successful interview and after any consultation with staff that is required) formally offering a position in the school with a specified commencement date. Conditional Enrolment may be offered where it is felt warranted by the Principal. Parents must also purchase the appropriate uniform and then the student(s) should attend the school on the specified day, reporting to the Principal or delegate at the beginning of the day.

Offer Documents

The “Offer of a Position” consists of the following documents which must be completed and returned to secure enrolment at the school;

  1. Letter of Offer
  2. Enrolment Forms
  3. Student Medical Treatment Authorisation
  4. Conditions of Enrolment (to be signed by parents)
  5. School Fees Agreement (to be signed by parents and/or any parties responsible for fees)
  6. Privacy Collection Notice
  7. School Statement of Faith (to be signed by parents)
  8. Transport Application

Post Enrolment Phase/Orientation

Kindergarten – New Enrolments

New Kindergarten students are invited to attend school for one morning per week over a 8-week period in Term 4 prior to their commencement as full-time students. This allows them to become familiar with teachers, buildings, routines etc. to facilitate their adjustment in coming to school.

Orientation For Year 7

Students entering Year 7 and new students enrolling in Years 8 – 10 are invited to an Orientation Day where they are taken on a tour of the school, introduced to teachers and given some preliminary introductions to life in the secondary school.

Other Considerations

Enrolment Deferral

If a student wishes to defer enrolment, a place can be held but charges and fees must be paid, unless prior arrangements are agreed to by the Principal. If a family does not accept an offer of enrolment but wishes to defer for a period of time and not hold a place, the student joins the end of the appropriate waiting list (if applicable).

Overseas Student Enrolment

Enrolment in the Overseas Student Program is subject to special conditions and is contingent upon a suitable and continuous arrangements being available for accommodation and supervision whilst enrolled at the school.


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