School Fees & Parent Information

Fees can be paid by cheque, cash, credit card or EFTPOS at the school office, or a direct debit or periodic payment can be arranged. Read more

Annual Report 2019

2019 was a year of growth and continued development at PCS. There was a significant change to the Senior Executive in September Read more

Grievance Policy and Procedures

A student, parent or staff member may make a complaint/appeal orally or a formal complaint/appeal in writing. Read more

Student Code of Conduct

PCS is committed to ensuring a respectful learning environment that is safe, positive and supportive for all students of the school. Read more

K-6 Homework Policy

The Primary is an important time in laying foundations as the children prepare for lifelong learning. Read more

Acceptable Usage of Technology Policy

This policy applies to all technology resources in use by PCS students, whether student-owned, school-owned or school issued. Read more

Mobile Phone Policy

While mobile phones may be useful and convenient on some occasions, for example before or after school, they are not to be used at school. Read more

Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Child protection is any action that safeguards a child against any sort of harm. Read more

School Uniform Policy

The Principal in consultation with the School Leadership determines uniform requirements for all students at Parkes Christian School. Read more

K-6 Behaviour Management Plan

Classroom Managed Behaviours: These behaviours are to be managed by the supervising teacher using in class strategies and the traffic light system. Read more

High School Behaviour Management Plan

Classroom Managed Behaviours: These are low-level incidents of disruptive behaviour that will be managed by the class teacher using their own management strategies. Read more

Student Drivers Policy

It is recognised many senior students may wish/choose to travel to and from school in their own vehicles and they should view this as a privilege and not a right. Read more

Statement of Faith

The Statement of Faith of Parkes Christian School is as follows: There is one God and He is sovereign and eternal. Read more

Discipline Policy

In accordance with Government Legislation, Parkes Christian School does not use corporal punishment
as part of its student discipline policy.Read more


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