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Introduction to Parkes Christian School

Parkes Christian School was founded in 1982 by Christian parents to assist them to bring their children up in a loving and caring environment.

The school is located in a rural setting on the outskirts of Parkes and is governed by a Board which is responsible for the direction and the philosophy of the school. The Board comprises representatives of the Parkes Community Church – the founding church – school and community representatives.

There are currently 200 students enrolled at Parkes Christian School from Kindergarten to Year 12.

School Mission:

“To provide a Christian school which both teaches and models Christian faith.”

School Vision:

  1. To encourage students to learn about God and to respond to Him in love and obedience.
  2. To pursue academic excellence and to provide educational opportunities of the highest standard.
  3. To teach and model Christian ethics, and encourage students to apply Biblical truth to the whole of life.
  4. To foster the involvement of families in our school community.
  5. To develop the servant attitude of Christ in our students so they may minister to the needs of others.
  6. To enrol students from families who desire a Christian education for their children.
Mr Glen Westcott

Principal – Mr Glen Westcott

Alliances & Affliliations

Christian School Australia

Parkes Community Church & CSA

Parkes Christian School is a ministry of Parkes Community Church and is affiliated with Christian Schools Australia and the Association of Independant Schools NSW. These organisations support schools with curriculum materials, teacher professional development, conferences and other professional services.

Parkes Christian School has professional and sporting links with other Christian Schools in Orange, Dubbo, Wellington, Ningan, Gilgandra, Bourke and Wagga as well as with the Christian Schools Sports Association.

School Board

The School Board

The school is an incorporated body which is governed by a Board of Directors. The primary task of the Board is to clearly articulate the vision and goals of the school which reflect its Christian ethos. It establishes policies aimed at achieving its vision and goals. It also has the responsibility to ensure the school meets all its legal and financial obligations.

The School Board appoints the Principal and delegates the daily operations of the school to the Principal, it establishes executive policies and limitations for execution by the Principal, and ensures the school is adequately and appropriately resourced. It is also the responsibility of the School Board to ensure the accountability of the Directors and the Principal.

Board Members

Mr Alan Magill (Chairperson)
Mr Graham Hope (Principal)
Mr Les Kent (Treasurer)
Mr Paul Suffolk (Secretary)
Mr Gordon Moss
Mrs Toni Unger
Mr Matthew Collier
Mrs Georgia Mayo

School History

A History of Parkes Christian School

Parkes Christian School was founded in 1982 by Christian parents to assist them to bring up their children in a loving and caring environment. The School provides a comprehensive education of a high standard, taught by committed Christian teachers. This not only prepares students for future study or work, but for life itself.

The school is open to all those who are seeking a caring and Christian value based education for their children.

Parkes Christian School is a ministry of the Parkes Community Church and is affiliated with Christian Schools Australia which is a support body for Christian Schools across Australia and into the Pacific.

Christian schooling grew out of a strong conviction, based on the teaching of scriptural passages like that of Ephesians Chapter 4. It was, therefore, realised that schooling should be one expression of the overall function of the local church.

The aim was, therefore, to produce a program:

1. That was based thoroughly on Christian principles of education;

2. That met (and surpassed) education standards established by the State, provided this did not conflict with Biblical principles; and

3. That was oriented toward the syllabus and examination requirements of the Australian educational systems.

From these initial convictions and aims, grew a concept of a Christian School, which has four major features:

1. That the school is an extension of the home to help parents give their children the training the Bible says they should have;

2. That it is a part of the ministry of the Church for equipping individuals for a life of service to others and training them to grow up into Jesus Christ in every area of their lives;

3. That it aims to protect children against evil yet prepare them to live an authentic Christian life in the world;

4. That it is committed to seeing growth in every individual – according to their gifts and ability; toward Christian maturity; and as a co-operative and effective member of church and community.

Statement of Faith

What We Beleive

Our Statement of Faith

Parkes Christian School was established and exists primarily to provide Christian Education for Christian families. The school’s primary objective is to provide places for children of Christian families. As such all families MUST sign the school’s Statement of Faith as a part of the enrolment process. The Board interviewing panel will discuss any issues associated with this at the enrolment interview.

1. We believe in the divine inspiration the infallibility and supreme authority of the Old and New Testaments in their entirety and that the Holy Spirit so moved the writers that what they wrote are authoritative statements of truth.

2. We believe there is one God in whom there are three equal Divine Persons revealed as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and who, of His own sovereign will created the heavens, the earth and all that is contained within the Universe.

3. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the eternally existing only begotten Son of the Father, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. As God He became flesh and dwelt among us; as man He was God.

4. We believe all men are in a fallen, sinful and lost condition through the rebellion of Adam and Eve who were created without sin and in this state of depravity are helpless to save themselves and are under the condemnation of God to eternal punishment in hell.

5. We believe that salvation from the penalty and consequences of sin is found only through the substitutionary atoning death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

6. We believe it is the Holy Spirit alone who convicts men of sin, leads them to repentance, creates faith within them and regenerates and fills those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord. It is the indwelling Spirit who bestows the Gifts of the Spirit and manifests the Fruit of the Spirit in the believer.

7. We believe Christ died for our sins was buried and the third day rose from the dead that He appeared to men who touched Him and knew His bodily presence and that He ascended to His Father.

8. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ will return in person with His saints and that the full consummation of the Kingdom of God awaits His return.

9. We believe those who have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit will receive a resurrection body at the return of Jesus Christ and be forever with the Lord while those who have not believed will be resurrected to stand at the Judgement Seat of God to receive His judgement and eternal condemnation to Hell.

10. We believe in the actual existence of Satan who is the father of all evil and opposed to God, although ultimately subject to the purposes of God and destined to be confined forever in hell.

11. We believe the Church is the Body of Christ composed of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ which finds its visible manifestation in the local community of believers and ministers through the co-operative exercise of God-given gifts by the entire membership. Each local community of believers is competent under Christ as Head of the Church to order its life without interference from any civil authority.

12. We believe there are two ordinances instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

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Are you thinking about enrolling your child for 2018?

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