Sydney Excursion

Our Stage 5 students took part in an eventful and memorable excursion to Sydney. Mrs Wynstra takes us through the highlights of the trip:

  1. The first stop on Wednesday was the NASTO Lukas Heights facility where nuclear medicines are made. Many science-related activities are carried out here with the main activity being the creation of medicines for cancer treatments. Scientists also analyse and date samples from around the world – such as fossils.
  2. Following this, the students were then driven to the accommodation at the YHA @ the Rocks and then out to dinner at Pancakes at the Rocks.
  3. The Observatory was next on the list of activities. While waiting in the park for our time to begin, students were asked to write a rap about the most interesting thing in the park. Of note here, a group who thought that Mr Quince was the most interesting, and another group witnessed a marriage proposal and wrote about this. They then sang to the newly engaged couple, much to their delight! The observatory was amazing, with students being able to look through one of Australia’s oldest telescopes which was installed to view the 1874 transit of Venus. The telescope itself is considered to be a priceless object.
  1. The Big Dig was up next where students learned about the history of Sydney, especially the Rock area. Students were taken on an archeological dig tour and shown remains of old houses and streets. Students also had a lesson where they were given a tray of artifacts and asked to identify their possible uses.
  2. The Sydney Opera house was up next, much to the students surprise they found out that there is a lot more than just Opera going on at the house. Ask year 9 and 10 students about the history lesson of the building itself as well as the chickens in the orchestra pit.
  3. We then went to Sydney University where we were guided around the campus, and Mr Quince saw one of his ex-students who had just commenced studies for the year. The campus contained many unique buildings and facilities, though the highlight was the Graffiti Tunnel.
  4. The Eastern suburbs bus tour was great, ending with a take-away dinner at Bondi beach. The highlight here was that some of the lifeguards from the tv series Bondi Rescue were there and happy to take selfies with the students.
  1. We went to the Sunrise Studio in the city and made friends with the hosts, David Koch and Natalie Bar. The Cash Cow came out – empty – and our students were observed on national television for some time.
  2. The Powerhouse museum was up next with students visiting many interesting exhibitions. During this time there was a competition where teachers were taking photos of students in front of exhibits if they were staying together in their room groups, the group with the most photos taken of their group won. It was also a time for some gift shopping for the staff, with Mrs Wynstra all but removing all items of lego from the shelves, with Mr Quince being more strategic, investing in a really cool multi gadget pen and a unique potato masher, just the right thing for Mrs Quince and dinner preparation.
  3. The Cables Aqua Wake park was the place to cool off before heading home. Students enjoyed playing on the inflatable structures in the water and were further pleased when there was an impromptu shopping expedition where Mr Quince found out exactly where Penrith City Library was located.

Student of the day

  • Monday – Nate and Nick  – Both were extremely helpful throughout the day.
  • Tuesday – Wira and Ona – for being low maintenance and extra for Wira for helping organise the picture with the Bondi Rescue stars.
  • Wednesday – Edward and Bethany – Edward for getting a hug from Kochie and Bethany for being overjoyed seeing the Australian Fashion Exhibit at the Powerhouse.

Photo group challenge at the Powerhouse museum – Ona, Althea and Makayla

‘Rap song about the most exciting thing in the park’ winners – Leilani, Bethany, Miranda, Ella – with a song about a couple getting engaged in the park while we were there

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