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A Good Book!

It definitely feels like summer holidays are coming. This week the weather is heating up and there is a Christmas vibe around school. One of my favourite things about this time of the year are the celebrations! So many opportunities to…

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Are We All The Same?

There is a really great question I have heard a few times over the last couple of weeks: Imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same? Looking around at the staff and students here at…

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Skills for Life

No doubt many of you are very aware of my new role in Planning and Logistics that started halfway through last term since I’ve bombarded you with plenty of emails about all the events that are happening in our fantastic…

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Where the fun is at!

What does country music, the birth of a pizza empire and High School Musical have in common? The answer may just surprise you!  Let me set the scene…it was a Friday night and my typical end of the working week…

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A Common Goal

Let me tell you a story about a boy named Sam and a Hockey team that participated at the Combined Independent Schools Carnival in Sydney on Thursday. It really is a tale of 2 photos. You see in the first…

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Always Giving Your Best!

I’m pretty sure I was as shocked as most people when I heard that Ash Barty had retired earlier this week.It’s not often that a champion athlete decides to retire when they are at the top of their game and still…

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Agape Love

A lot is said about love in the world today. In nearly every song today the word is mentioned. Thinking back to when I was young, and I am being reminded of it through people enjoying a retro phase of their…

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Schools are designed to ensure students have the tools they need to survive. We spend thirteen years building on skills to read, write and count, as well as think, create, appreciate, design, analyse and so much more. A lot of…

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Hard Work Trumps Talent

Welcome back for another year! I can’t believe it’s only the start of the second week of school; so much has already happened. The staff have all been working hard, getting ready for the year ahead. We’ve moved into our brand…

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