The Art of Developing Leaders

Last year we spent some time reading through Acts and the life of Paul in the Bible. Students were encouraged by the amazing testimony of a Christian hater turned Jesus follower after a brief encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. They were also inspired by the boldness with which he spoke the truth of the Gospel even in the face of persecution and riots. Paul is a great example of a leader and his story, made alive by being connected to Jesus, resonated with us all here at PCS Lunchtime Bible Study. 

Leadership is just one of the skills we spend time working with our students to foster and grow. Leadership to me is all about influence and after reading through Acts I would also say it is about legacy. That idea of intentionally influencing others by building relationships that grow and last well beyond a student or staff member’s years at PCS. Hopefully this is also something they take with them long after they have gone too. 

I have the great joy of working with our student leaders in many capacities. Just this lunch I spent time with our Chapel leaders and earlier this week with a group who have fondly been nicknamed the “Bold Bunch” those who are bold enough to step out in their faith and help to have influence and hopefully leave a legacy in our Chapel services. This amazing team of people are keen to encourage each other and build each other up but are also focused on all of the students here and how they can help them to see more of Jesus. Paul was big on this concept. He stated in one of his letters that his purpose was “exhorting, encouraging and imploring each one of them as a father would his own children so that you may walk in a manner worthy of God who calls you into his own kingdom and glory” 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12. 

One of Paul’s greatest statements is “so that…” which shows there is intention in everything he does. We do this so that this other thing can happen. This group of students exist so that our Chapel services can be everything they need to be and more! These students lead and serve so that Jesus can be made bigger in all the moments. We grow leaders so that they can leave a legacy here and in the future and grow more leaders of their own. 

As we teach students how to be leaders now and in the future I hope they adopt this “so that” mentality that Paul perfected in order to find purpose in every decision they make and develop a wonderful legacy. 


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