STEM in Year 5

This term, the Year 5 Dolphins have been learning a variety of new concepts in Science lessons and then applying this knowledge to design some interesting creations in their technology lessons. In the first few weeks of Term 2, students learnt about earthquakes. They explored the role of tectonic plates in causing earthquakes and learned about how they are measured using the Richter and Mercalli scales. After reviewing some case studies of major earthquakes, Year 5 got to work developing their own building frames out of recyclable materials. Their goal was to create a building that could withstand a weight being placed on it while being subjected to a simulated earthquake. Year 5 did an amazing job of developing unique and durable buildings.

Over the past few weeks, Year 5 has been learning about space. They have learned about how the different distances of planets from the sun result in longer and shorter “years” and have learnt various scientific reasoning behind different occurrences in the night sky, as well as how they were discovered. Year 5 are currently applying this learning by developing a technology project that demonstrates something they know about space. Many students have gotten cameras out and are using stop motion animation to show concepts such as gravity and orbital rotation. Others have taken to TinkerCAD and are developing 3D models of the solar system, with some students working to develop machines that will move the planets around the sun once they are 3D printed.

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