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Settling In

It is so lovely to see our Kindergarten students settled into school, making new friends and learning new things. The start of Kindergarten is filled with so many firsts for both students (and parents). First day of school, first school…

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So Much Potential

Over the last couple of years, I have picked up 3D printing as a hobby. Most 3D printers work surprisingly similar to hot glue guns. Essentially, they use a combination of motors and heaters (as well as a complex internal computer)…

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Make and Model

Cars have always been an interest for me, the different makes and models, roar of the V8 engines, the speed and the glamour they can bring, cars are so much fun! Growing up, one of my favourite memories is holding…

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Team Work Skills!

Primary students always rise to every occasion and this characteristic is what makes each day working with Primary students fabulous! Whether it’s running assemblies, participating in Gala days or representing PCS on excursions in the community or afar, students rise…

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