We All Have Stories

There’s nothing like a good story. Whether we’re reading or telling it, stories can make us think, feel particular emotions, learn a bit more about the world or just be entertained. If your child has been taught by me, chances are that they would have heard me tell a few stories. Generally, my style is to tell a carefully chosen, relatable story about one of my experiences and use that to make a point. In doing so, my goal is to teach in an entertaining way while also helping my students to get to know me a little bit more.

However, I honestly believe that the true value of storytelling comes from hearing other people’s stories. Teaching a new class every year provides an amazing opportunity to hear the stories of a new group of young people. And I have to tell you, kids can tell some amazing stories or present ideas we take for granted with a fresh perspective. This year alone, I’ve heard accounts of sowing crops, nail-biting soccer games, raising puppies and amazing holidays among several other stories.

6 weeks ago, my wife and I welcomed our fourth child, Ava into the world. There’s a story there that resulted in us staying at RPA Hospital in Sydney for 3 weeks. While we were there, I reckon I would’ve met over 70 new faces. While trying to put names to so many faces in such a short time would be impossible to me, I was able to connect with people through hearing their stories. Some of the most memorable included stories of holidaying in Sydney to escape the cooler autumns in Tasmania, juggling full time nursing while finishing a degree, adjusting to living in the city after growing up in the country and the challenges of learning the logistics of a new medical system after training in another country.

As often happens when I tell a story, I’m building to make a point here. We all have stories. Stories to tell and stories to hear. No matter where we are in life, there can be so much wisdom that could be gained from sharing our experiences but also listening to the experiences of others. Whether that’s learning something new, understanding one another a little better or just being entertained, a good story doesn’t go to waste.

Another great source of inspiration is of course the Bible. From beginning to end, we follow the stories of some pretty amazing and complicated people which culminates in the most important truth of all: Jesus loves us. All of us. He loves us so much that He died on the cross for us. It’s easy to take this for granted but something I often ask young people to do is try to reread the story with fresh eyes. Try to look for something new or previously unnoticed and reconnect with these truths.

Have a great week everyone. If you see me around, please feel welcome to share a story or two.


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