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Have you ever been to a concert where you just came away thinking that was great? Last weekend I went to the For King and Country- Home Coming Tour concert in Canberra. If you have not heard of them before, For King and Country are Grammy award winning, Australian born, Christian pop duo that have fantastic harmonies. They have been writing and singing music for over fifteen years together.

The concert had all the right ingredients. Fantastic singing, great lighting and sound, created an atmosphere of encouragement and showed their support to one of my favourite organisations, Compassion Australia. Is was also lovely to share the experience with some amazing friends.

On Monday I talked about my concert experience with my Kindergarten class. We watched a short video of the start of the concert. My students loved the clip so much that they asked to see it a number of times during the day. I am sure they could feel all the ingredients for a great concert in the clip, but more than that they could see my passion for listening to music with an inspiring and uplifting message and sharing the work of Jesus.

Every day we share the stories of Jesus at Parkes Christian School. That can be through reading Bible stories, sharing our encounters with Jesus, or using the inspiring messages of other Christians. In Kindergarten we start our day by reciting the fortnightly Bible verse, reading a Bible story and having a short prayer time. Throughout our day we sing worship songs and students often ask questions and share things they already know about Jesus. This year I have also had the opportunity to visit the other K-2 classes each week to be part of their devotion time. We read the Bible or do a devotion and then finish by praying together.

What an awesome privilege it is to work every day for Jesus!


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