Team Work, Makes the Dream Work!

During their library visits this term, Year 1 and Year 2 have been exploring how to design and build a solar oven in groups of three students. Students took turns sharing and suggesting ideas from what they had learnt to design and construct a solar oven within their team.  

Students developed skills of listening to each other, thinking through construction problems, and building from each other’s ideas to make the best solar oven together as a team. Some teams also learnt the important skill of compromise and that there is no ‘I’ in team work. 

This week students placed two ingredients into their ovens to see how effective they were. A lot of discussion of tweaks and modifications occurred afterwards, however it was brilliant to see the teams listening and collaborating together with their new skills to succeed in the one goal. 

Being the Primary Coordinator I have the privilege of bringing new programs or learning goals to the primary team and together we develop ideas that will benefit the students educational journey and life within the school.  

Many great teacher brains working together, seeing different sides to the program or goal, sharing these ideas and listening to all different perspectives to work through potential problems, ensures that students get the best of what the teachers can do, as a well oiled team. 

Jesus also worked with a team of disciples, twelve very different men from very different life experiences. Together with the same goal they were able to reach millions of people to share the good news. 

So no matter what your goal may be, gather a great team of people around you to share ideas and see things from a different perspective and be amazed at what you can achieve together! 


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