Make and Model

Cars have always been an interest for me, the different makes and models, roar of the V8 engines, the speed and the glamour they can bring, cars are so much fun!

Growing up, one of my favourite memories is holding on to the Mini Moke as my brother sped around the paddock, he later taught me how to do the best fishtails in the paddock. 
Living on the Northern Beaches Mercedes, BMWs, Saabs, British MGs and Porsches were regularly seen on the drive to school. People generally have a particular brand of car they prefer. Historically people in Australia could be divided into those for Fords or those for Holdens.
I particularly like classic cars like a 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook. It’s for their style, bench seats, straight 6 engine and drum brakes that makes you feel like you are floating on the waves when you drive. Interestingly, this particular car was built with an extra 15 cm in head height so people did not have to remove their hats whilst driving.

When I first met my husband he drove a 1978 Panther Lima, a two door coupe that rivalled the MG. My friends questioned if I was dating the car or the guy! Together we spent time attending Motorclassica, a car show held in Melbourne. Motorclassica is the top event for vintage, classic, and exotic cars including supercars in Australasia with thousands on display over 3 days.  

Currently I’m watching ‘Fastest car’ on Netflix. This series looks at the stories behind three sleeper cars (a car that looks like a regular car but under the bonnet is a maxed out engine, turbo charged and nitro enhanced) who race a supercar (Lamborghini, Ferrari etc) in a quarter mile drag race. The time, talent and power put into each of these cars is amazing! Each car is unique and precious to their owner. 

All cars are built for a purpose, designed for a reason and given optional extras with particular intentions. Some cars are built solely for speed, some for moving numerous people around, some for style and some for affordability. When you have the right make and model for the purpose you need, it is fabulous to drive.

Just like cars, God has made each person for a purpose, designed their personality with care and detail, assigned gifts and talents with particular intentions. Each student at school and staff member has been uniquely created, a one of a kind factory special. God is the ultimate craftsman and when his design is used for the purpose he intended, it is amazing to see that person in action.  At PCS, teachers use their gifts and talents to help students identify theirs, so in the future they can run the race set before them and shine!  

So what make and model are you? Getting to know the craftsman is the best way to start and reading the manual or Bible will help you navigate your race.  
 Just in case I’ve alarmed anyone, I have never had a driving infringement. Happy driving!


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