Anything’s Possible!

I’ve never been more equal parts confused and impressed about anything in my life than when I sat in the sound desk last week to watch the run through of Seussical the Musical. 

For anyone who knows anything about the wonderful world of Seuss you would know that there are numerous quirky characters like; Horton, the Once-ler and Bartholomew Cubbins to various Sneetches, Wockets and Nizzards Biffer-Baum Birds, the Long-Legger Kwong and Brown Bar-ba-loots. There is a cat who wears a hat, a green Grinch with a heart too small, a Lorax (whatever that is) and the deliciously disgusting green eggs and ham. Such fantastical creatures in mind blowing worlds of colour and crazy. 

This wild and crazy universe of stories is exactly what you see play out on stage in our upcoming Seussical the Musical. The fact that Miss Katrina Harris and the team have managed to dive into the depths of Whoville and the Jungle of Nool and bring to life this epic story of chaos makes me question their sanity and be in awe of their abilities. 

It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage and perform for others. It is not something that I find comfortable. The students who have taken on their roles and the challenge to understand and become these wild characters should be celebrated with sold out crowds and roaring cheers and that is what I am hoping to see this week as we head into Performance Week of Seussical the Musical at our school. 

I’m turning this article into a bit of marketing for our play but it is so worth it. From the moment JoJo appears on stage it is a wild ride filled with laughter and silliness that everyone needs to see. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet you need to do so now so you don’t miss out on witnessing Horton’s attempt to save the Whos, Gertrude’s desire to be just a bit more bird and the General Gengis Khan Schmitz preparing the soldiers for the Butterside Up War. Keep your eye out for Mrs Mayors Crocs as they waltz across the stage, spot the Cat in the Hat rocking out on the keytar and the dazzling sets and light displays that will drag you into the world of Seuss and have you dancing and singing along. Jojo imagines a world that is very different to our own so hit pause and join us this weekend. 

With a beautiful message of a “person’s a person no matter how small” come and celebrate the work of our staff and students, you will not regret it! It’s an amazing team of people who are looking forward to putting on quite the show for your viewing pleasure! It’s bright and fun and filled with amazing music and acting showcasing the special talents of our performers and everyone behind the scenes in makeup, costumes, sets, tech and support. We hope you enjoy! 


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