Making and Mixing in Year 5

The Year 5 Zebras have been having a lot of fun in their STEM lessons. Throughout this term, they have been exploring physical and chemical reactions. This has involved researching how atoms and molecules behave across different states of matter. They have also explored how exposing objects to different conditions causes chemical and physical reactions.

While learning about chemical reactions, Year 5 have completed some fun investigations, including:
What happens to a candle when you take oxygen away?
What byproducts are released when you create a chemical change?
How does adding heat to an acidic reaction affect the speed of the chemical change?
The Year 5 Zebras have also investigated how the 3D printer uses physical reactions to fabricate their designs by melting a solid plastic into a liquid and then cooling it back into a solid. They have enjoyed using the printer and design software to develop creative and functional products that could be used in agriculture. Throughout the term, we have completed production and tested a variety of bird feeders, bee feeders, pest deterrents and mountable water buckets for enclosures.

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