Shine in Your Gold Seams!

In Japan a process called ‘Kintsugi’ or ‘Kintsukuroi’ is practised. ‘Kin’ means gold and ‘tsugi’ means repair. The practice involves ceramics such as bowls or vases that have cracks or broken parts that can be repaired by the craftsman by filling the gaps with gold to rebuild the ceramic bowl or vase to hold together and be functional once again. The joining or parts with the gold give a new refined appearance. 

If you look at these rebuilt bowls or vases, their cracks or these flaws now create intricate golden lines that draw the eye and interest making beautiful designs to appreciate on the ceramic. The golden lines add history to the bowls reminding the owner of memories of use and appreciation.

At school students at times find different subjects tricky or challenging. I myself found Mathematics challenging but through the patience of my Year 3 teacher Mrs Millard, I learnt the different mathematical strategies to use today. The teacher in a way ‘saw the cracks or my flaws’ in Mathematics and took the time to repair the thought processes or ‘repairing by pouring gold’ the mathematical strategies so once again I was confident to participate in Maths lessons. 
Today, I’m not the fastest to solve mathematical problems on staff, however I know I have the strategies to solve them, it just may take a little longer than others.

At PCS many teachers also take the time to ‘pour gold’ into the students’ cracks to repair and build strong educational foundations. The culture of PCS also ‘pours gold’ into students to build a student body and school culture of kindness and caring for others, to see the strength of every peer and celebrate when challenges are overcome. In these overcoming celebrations the gold seams shine and new beauty and appreciation is on display.   

1 Peter 4:10  says ‘Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.’  
Jesus also is a craftsman that takes time to work in people’s lives to repair and rebuild so their weaknesses can become a strength to encourage others going through similar challenges. Our gold seams can shine as we help others repair to appreciate the beauty of their gold seams. 

So next time you find something challenging, think of ‘Kintsugi’, these cracks or tricky challenges, may one day be the gold that shines through and encourages someone else. 


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