Appreciate the Small Things

Every day I am reminded of the small things in life – the buzz of a bee, the flowering of a plant, the bleat of a spring lamb. Every one of these little things plays a part in the way our world works, just like every person plays a part in the world. 

We were all made unique and special by God. He has given all of us gifts and abilities that will allow us to play our part in the world. Maybe you don’t know what your gifts are yet, maybe you have figured it out and are using them already. 

I have received many gifts from many different people in my life. Some gifts were meaningful to me and others were less significant. The gifts that God has given me have helped to shape the person I am today. My role at PCS has changed over the years, however in every part I have played I have made a difference in the lives of the people around me, as well as in my own life. 

I am currently the Agriculture teacher at PCS. You may often see me out and about on the Ag Plot, working with students to keep our little garden flourishing, or feeding our new baby lambs. It is moments like these that remind me that we have all been given gifts for certain purposes and it is how we use these gifts that matters. It is also in these moments that I love to stop and appreciate the small things that make me smile. 

If you see me in the garden or playing with the lambs, please feel free to drop in and say hi. Our baby lambs love visits from people and our school garden often has fresh vegetables and herbs ready for picking. 

Have a great week and remember to appreciate the small things in life that make you smile, 


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