So Much Potential

Over the last couple of years, I have picked up 3D printing as a hobby. Most 3D printers work surprisingly similar to hot glue guns. Essentially, they use a combination of motors and heaters (as well as a complex internal computer) to melt plastic and place it in the correct place. This process is repeated until a 3D model is formed.

Sitting atop my 3D printers are big spools of plastic filament. On their own, these spools are not particularly impressive. And why should they be? They merely unwrap into very long lines of thin plastic. What is impressive, however, is the potential that each spool of plastic represents. Every spool will eventually be melted and reformed into a variety of objects. In my limited experience, I’ve already seen these spools form into decorations, toys, household equipment, children’s artworks and even complicated electronics.

While this potential is impressive, it pales in comparison to the potential seen in PCS students every day. This ranges from our kindergarten students who are learning so much about the world around them to our Year 6 students who are beginning to truly understand, appreciate and apply some of their unique talents. And of course, we have our senior students in Year 11 and 12 who are nearing the end of their PCS journey and are getting ready to apply their talents in the wider world.

Similarly to how the filament in the 3D printers are refined and placed in the perfect position, our potential is shaped by the people around us. Parents, teachers, churches and our wider community reinforce our talents and guide us to reach our very best. At Parkes Christian School, we recognise that we are created by God who knows us, loves us and sees our potential. Last term, we worked with our students to learn Psalm 139. So much of this psalm reminds us that God created us to be us. He has given us so much potential when purposefully making us. And to be honest, one of my greatest joys as a teacher is seeing this potential reached as students advance through school.

As you begin this week, remember that this is another week filled with potential. I hope and pray that it will be a great one for you.


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