Team Work Skills!

Primary students always rise to every occasion and this characteristic is what makes each day working with Primary students fabulous!

Whether it’s running assemblies, participating in Gala days or representing PCS on excursions in the community or afar, students rise together and shine. 

Recently the upper Primary school worked collaboratively to design, plan and construct two 3D sculptures to enter into the Waste to Art Fast Fashion competition. It was wonderful to see Year 5 work together effectively in teams to design and draw the plans of the men’s and ladies’ fashion, then have Year 3 and Year 4 follow the plans and begin the framework construction of the sculptures for the Year 6 students to finally come and decorate with the finishing touches. 

Each student from Years 3 to 6 had a role to play, a hand in the decision making process and a sense of achievement once the 3D sculptures were finished. The experience of this process is already a success no matter what may occur from the competition. Students have learnt skills of listening to each other’s ideas, choosing the best course of action or design, working constructively on the same goal, problem solving as a team and developing the sense of being part of something bigger than just themselves. 

At the end of construction the students had made mens fast fashion items of a top hat, bow tie and belt from recycled products; as well as an evening gown fit for a princess to go to the King’s coronation.

It reminds me of Jesus and how he was the best example of working with a large group of people, sharing ideas and creating something bigger for everyone to be a part of. 

Even at young ages these skills are nurtured or fostered and it is amazing to see the students in action. Today it’s 3D sculptures, just imagine the possibilities in the future of what the students may achieve working collaboratively.  

Well done Primary students and don’t forget to check out the sculptures at the Waste to Art exhibition opening soon! 


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